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Downloads are found on the Chambara SourceForge site:

... or go directly to the download page:

You may need the excellent and free 7-Zip tool to unzip the files.


Paint Shop Pro (version 8 and higher only)

Copy all files to your PSP Scripts-Trusted folder.  This is usually found at:

C:\My Documents\My PSP8 Files\Scripts-Trusted\

The location for your trusted scripts can be changed in PSP under File-->Preferences-->File Locations-->Scripts - Trusted.

PSP searches for all scripts at startup and lists them in the scripts toolbar.  Alternatively, you can run any script from any location using the File-->Script-->Run menu.


[not yet released]

Bonus Files

On the Chambara SourceForge download page you will find a package of Word templates for creating your own DVD and CD covers and booklets of various types.  These are templates I created myself for various reasons over the years.  I am providing them without support or warranty in case someone out there also finds them useful.

There is also a package for Nero Cover Designer.  Not much in it but the template I originally used for squishing DVD spines in conjunction with IrfanView.

copyright by mj. Jernigan, protected under the GPL